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We are the Indian manufacturers of AC drive for industrial automation. Our drives covers all industrial applications. Our variable frequency drives are an excellent choice for adjustable-speed drive because it allows fine tuning process and high torque in low frequency.
Our AC drives incorporate the PWM based technology in AC motor speed control. These adjustable frequency drives offer the greatest selection of size and performance available, with power ranges from 1 to 10 HP.


We offer a highly functional DC drives, DC motor drives, variable speed DC drives which are used to control motor speed i.e. DC motor drives. These drives are extremely flexible and cost effective in any application.
Our DC drives includes many applications like printing machines, extruder machines and many more industrial purpose oriented machines along with home appliance applications.


We are most leading APFC Panel Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporter that offering wide range of high quality and high effectiveness Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panel as per client’s specification at reliable price . Our APFC Panel manufactured using best quality material and easy to install, low maintenance.
We offer APFC Panel up to 1000KVA Controlled through Thyristor Cards or Contactor based depends on nature of Load. To overcome harmonic effects we use detuned Reactors. We supply the panels with APP / MPP Heavy duty capacitor Banks as per characteristics of electrical loads. We use microprocessor based APFC Relay up to 16 stages. As special features you can monitor the APFC Relay output on computer. This panel is of great use to minimize loss and wastage of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. Our APFC panels are fully integrated with suitable APFC relay, switchgears, and capacitor banks to offer a complete solution to effectively eradicate lagging power factor.


We are the prominent manufacturers of SOV Panel, that is Panel with fixing and wiring of solenoid operating valves as per electrical and pneumatic requirement. These are manufactured by using quality material and environment friendly processing techniques. By using this panel customer can use his electrical signal for pneumatic applications. We customize our products as per the exact need of the client without compromising on the quality of the product.


Anvira Technologies is leading MCC Panel Manufacturers that offering high Efficiency and High Quality MCC Panel to our valued customers. Our MCC Panels are extensively used for controlling electrical motor for start and stop operation. Also we supply Customized MCC Panel as per customer requirements at affordable prices.
Our MCC Panel is used for controlling electric motor performance. It is equipped with ACB / MCCB/ SFU/MCB, DOL, ATS or Star Delta Starters for automatic/ manual means of starting and stopping the motor. We provide facility to operate from Local/Remote / DCS from MCC. Common Protections provided in MCC are Over Load, Short Circuit, Single Phasing etc and special features we can add are Earth Fault, Reverser Power, Under Load, over and Under Voltage etc. We also offer intelligent MCC which can communicate with PLC, can be start and stop from SCADA, you can measure its power parameters from control room.


Anvira Technologies is India’s most leading PCC Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers that offering wide range of high quality and high effectiveness Power Control Center (PCC) Panel as per client’s requirements at affordable prices. Our PCC Panels are extensively used for various industrial applications to supply reliable and effective Distribution service.
We offer PCC Panel with a current carrying capacity up to 6300Amp. We have Type Test Certificate up to 65KA/ 1sec for Short Circuit test form CPRI. Our PCC Panel integrated with all necessary protections to ensure that it meets all safety standards prevailing in the industry. We offer PCC with APFC, PCC with AMF as per requirement of customer. In some application, we provide flexibility to operate from two Power Source or Either one.


The power distribution panels can be availed with MCCB / SFU / MCB fully equipped with all necessary safety precautions. We offer Feeder Pillar Panels / Fuse DB / Bus bar Distribution Boards with double Doors for Outdoor Applications also. Our power distribution panels are applicable in for Residential buildings, Industrial buildings, Hotels, Stadiums, Airports etc.


Our range of Drive Control Panel is a speed drive that provides a means of driving and adjusting the operating speed of Motor. We offer VFD Panel fully equipped with all the necessary switch gears like MCCB, Bypass Contactor, Input / Output Chock, Speed Control Pot etc. As a special feature we can provide VFD Panel with DOL / Star Delta starter so that customer can run his motor on DOL/SD at the time of Breakdown of VFD


AMF Panel is one of our product which can be used for automatic change over between Mains and DG supply. We offer AMF Panel with necessary switchgears like ACB / MCCB, Contactors, AMF Relay, AC MF Meters, DC Meters, Battery Charges etc and necessary protections. By installing this panel one can get power from DG at the time of failure of Mains and it will shut off the DG when Mains restores. As special features we can provide engine safety features like Low Lube Oil, Oil Temp. High, Charge Low etc.


Synchronizing Panel is one of our product which can be used to get Total Power by Synchronize between 2 DGs OR Between Mains and DG. We offer Synchronizing Panel with necessary switchgears like ACB / MCCB, Synchronizing Relay, Indicating Meters, Alarm Annunciators, Protection Relays like EF, RP, OL, UV etc., By installing this panel one can get power from Mains and DG or DGs at the same time depends on his load demand. It will automatically Start / Stop DG as per Load demand. As special features we can provide Synchronizing Panel with AMF and PLC so that it can be monitor from Control Room.


Instrument Panel are used to Monitor / Control the operation of Instruments working on Temperature, Level, Flow, Pressure applications. Temperature application are controlled using PID / Thyristor, SSR for precise control. Flow can be controlled using Flowmeter / Control Valves, for pressure we use various types of Pressure Switches. Instrument Panel displays all values like PH, ORP, Temperature, Flow at one place so that one can monitor and control it easily. We can provide Annunciator with Hooter so that operator has instant idea about any abnormal conditions and it can be controlled immediately.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is asystem for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station).


We, at Anvira Technologies, are known as the most renowned manufacturer and supplier of Gear Boxes in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Anvira Technologies is a distinguished manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Gear boxes situated in Korattur, Chennai. We supply as well as export gear boxes to different locations and also different types of industries like Chemical, Packaging, Rice Mill, Food, Mines, Machine Tools, Paper, Cement, and much more. All our gear boxes that we sale are available at very nominal rate and also affordable for buying in bulk. Customers’ satisfaction is out prime standard, so as to which we mainly focus on the standard of quality, thus making sure that it lasts long. Gear boxes manufactured at out plant are very compact in size and are also known for their great durability. This will ultimately lead to high and efficient performance, with efficiency of up to 90%. All the gear components in the gear boxes are made up of case-hardened steel and the housing is made up of Cast Iron. We cater to all of our customer’s needs, which is why we produce Gear Boxes with high precision and perfect cut, minimal noise and corrosion protective.


Programmable logic controller (PLC) control panels, otherwise better known as PLC Automation Panel, is regarded as one among the most crucial and efficient control panels that is much needed in the automation industries. PLC control panels are mostly used in a number of electronic and electrical fittings. The PLC Control Panels that we, at Anvira Technologies manufacture are proficient enough to produce higher output at a very minimal power consumption. With PLC control Panels, HMI/MMI are also attached that would enable the technicians and the operators to study the plants and the controls of the process plants. This would usually improvise upon the control of the entire plant system. PLC control panels are basically made to use in different types of automation based industries. Anvira Technologies is the manufacturer as well as the suppliers of a large collection of PLC Control Panels, and we follow very strict protocols as per the industrial specifications and requirements. All of our PLC control panels are made up of very high qualities of raw material, infused with the latest technology and safety standards.


Anvira Technologies brings forth a wide range of premium quality ball screws in Tamil Nadu. All the ball screws supplied by us is manufactured with high cut technology, and made note of the industrial requirements and specifications, that would be best suited for all kinds of industries, especially the automobile industries. Specifically, they are made use of in screw thread mechanism. Ball screws manufactured by us provide very less internal friction, that converts the rotational motion to linear motion. The make of the ball screw support units at Anvira Technologies are made up of the finest quality raw materials. These units are made in correspondence to their use in real time engineering applications. We make sure that all our customers get delivered qualitative range of Ball Screw Support Unit. We, at Anvira Technologies, are obligated to providing you a range of products and help your business to succeed.


Anvira Technologies is one among the pioneer distributors of wires and cables in Tamil Nadu. We manufacture and distribute a huge range of wires and cables across Tamil Nadu. Most of the wires and cables that we supply to the industries are made use of in power cables, control cables, instrument cables, solar cables and so on. Anvira Technologies is named as one of India’s leading dealer and distributor of Wires and Cables. Usually, wires and cables are a very common component in the industry, in fact, they are the prime part of any industry, without which nothing can work. Wires and Cables are used owing to their easy operation, long shelf life, minimalist maintenance and lower prices. Anvira Technologies mostly concentrates on the customers’ satisfaction and requirements, based upon which our prime focus is on supplying premium and quality wires and cables.


Anvira Technologies is the leading Stepper Motor dealer and distributor in Chennai. All of our products are manufactured with utmost care, keeping in mind about the standards and the protocols that has to be followed that follows in close call with the industrial norms. At Anvira Technologies, we have very high and qualified team of engineers and also experienced as well. We present our customers with the complete solutions and systems. Stepper motors and drives are made use of in almost all sorts of automation companies as well as instruments. To name a few are the engraving machine, industrial sewing machine, stripping machine, marking machine, dispensing machine, cutting machine, and the laser plotter and much more. The collection of stepper motors and drives are highly nominated as the most renowned products by all of our customers, owing to their special characteristics like rugged make, seamless operation and easy installation, high functionality, anti corrosive body, minimal and low cost maintenance and so on.


As a Hiwin Authorised distributor and dealer in Chennai, Anvira Technologies offer a varied collection of Hiwin ball screws and their products. These products are specifically designed for effective movement and rigidity. They are also best suited for working in any directions for that matter. Hiwin ball screws provide very high precision and moving capability. They have many different options in sizes, accuracies and so on. Hiwin products are specially manufactured for convenient make and installation and also to facilitate seamless operation. Ball screws of Hiwin are well known for their quality and long lasting effect and they ultimately come out with the expected outcomes and serves their said purpose. These find application in precision machines and industrial machinery.


Anvira Technologies is one of the leading distributors and suppliers of Hindustan AC Motors in Chennai. At Anvira Technologies, we strive to deliver quality and premium products at the best, cheap and affordable rates. Some of the many Hindustan AC motors and their products are - electric brake motors, hindustan high torque motors, hindustan cooling tower motors, hindustan electric motor, hindustan crane duty motors and hindustan high efficiency electric motor. Above all, we, at Anvira Technologies, stand tall and take utmost pride in pronouncing us as the leading Hindustan Electric Motors Dealers in Chennai, India. Anvira Technologies provides you with the Hindustan Electric Motors and their products thus supplying them to various different types of industries. Anvira Technologies has an excellent team of skilled and experienced Engineers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We usually target on our services to our customers and supplying the AC motors at very cheap and highly competitive pricing.


Anvira Technologies is one of the leading and famous distributor and supplier of Hiwin linear motion guide way, linear motion shaft and ball transfer unit, precision bearing and much more. Our products are from the reputed Hiwin dealer, wherein these products are made up of high grade raw material and latest technology, maintaining the compliance with the industrial standards. Most of our customers prefer these products owing to the special features and convenience of their use. We also supply across various cities on India.



Our range of Panasonic Servo Motor is best known for their high performance and high standards that is in obedience with the industrial protocols, thus ensuring the safety. We, at Anvira Technologies, purchase the Panasonic servo motors from the original manufacturer, which is also certified. These Panasonic motors are customizable as per the needs and requirements of the clients or the industry professional users. Servo motors are usually used in a number of applications spanning from a wide range of industries.


Anvira Technologies is very proud to say that it is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Mitsubishi servo motors, Mitsubishi servo drives and much more of the Mitsubishi products in Chennai, India. Anvira Technologies supply the expert Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers, Mitsubishi servo motor and controller, as well as the repair and exchange services too. The best about Anvira Technologies is that we have the entire testing mechanisms needed in order to test all the Mitsubishi servo motor and servo Amplifiers.


Delta servo motors are in fact a necessary one for all sorts of industrial applications. Anvira Technologies, Chennai has got a huge collection of Delta servo motor and their products like Delta AC Drives, VFD, Servo Drives and AC Motor s and Drives. Some of the other products that we supply you are the Delta products like CFP2000, MS300, CH2000, C200, C2000, CP2000, VFD-VJ, VFD-E, VFD-EL, REG2000 and you could also download all the Technical Datasheets for your references.


We, at Anvira Technologies, provide you with a wide collection of VFD Control Panels. The control panels are very intricately crafted using the latest technology and also undergoing various high quality components testing, which is carried out under the close observation of a team of esteemed professionals. These VFD control panels find their way through the applications like the control of the speed of electric motor and feed pump.


We, at Anvira technologies, are a renowned distributor and supplier of Weintek HMI products and devices that is mainly used in the automation industrial sector. We design, manufacture these HMI products inhouse that are highly compliant with the industrial standards. HMI panels are basically made to use in different types of automation based industries. Anvira Technologies is the manufacturer as well as the suppliers of a large collection of Weintek HMI devices, and we follow very strict protocols as per the industrial specifications and requirements. The Weintek HMI provides you a smart panel, that allows you to easily make use of the information that you wil get from the large and scattered data of the plant that you are working with. The HMI window of Weintek products are optimally designed to display the necessary details from the plant operation. Anvira technologies has earned a good reputation for the best and authorized partners for Weintek HMI products. Anvira Technologies has an excellent team of skilled and experienced professionals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Most of our customers prefer these products owing to the special features and ease of their use. We also supply across various cities in India.


With many different types of leading and renowned markets and distributors in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Anvira technologies has become the one stop solution for even the industrial and robotics automation products that could cater to the various sophistications in and around Chennai. We, at Anvira technologies, provide you with all the robotics technologies and devices that you will need, with the most nominal and affordable rates in Chennai, as compared to other market prices. Anvira technologies brings you with the Robot-based Automation Systems that could be used for the manufacturing industries, that could have very eminent effects and output on the process. Anvira technologies are basically focussed on the Robotic And industrial Applications, thus incorporating high and world-class Standards. Anvira technologies helps to maintain a very good position in the design and implementation of various technologies in the field of Industrial Automation and Robotics. At Anvira technologies, we give you all sorts of Robot sales, Robotics automation, Spares sales, as well as Industrial Training. Having good and proficient experience in most of the automation genres and also supply tailored services, that is best suited to our customer requirements and needs.



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